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"Your Answer to Metal Repair"

Cronacut Eagle 1100

"The Ultimate Disintegrator Alloy"

The ultimate cutting, gouging, piercing, chamfering and grooving electrode for any type of metal, including stainless steel, Monel, cast iron and aluminum. Newly formulated EAGLE 1100 provides state-of-the-art performance that completely outclasses ordinary gouging and cutting electrodes.
Cronatron Cronacut Eagle 1100 

Application: AC or DC Straight Polarity Only

Superior Advantages:

  • Exceptionally strong and controllable arc drive provides straight, smooth cuts

  • Advanced metallurgical design prevents slag pileup and sticking

  • Fastest method of cutting any metal with the least amount of noise

  • Easiest and least expensive method of removing old welds or separating unwanted connections

  • Operates with standard welding machines, and no special equipment is needed


  • Weld joint preparation on any type of metal

  • Frozen bearing removal

  • Excellent cast iron preparation; actually seals porous surfaces for better cast iron welds

  • Removes hard surface materials with ease

  • “Vees” out cracks

  • Aligns unmatched holes in plates and base stands

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