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Cronatron Grinding WheelsTri-Star Eagle Line Zirconia Grinding Wheels

Many Customers Have Experienced The Following:

Problem: Ordinary Grinding Wheels

  • Wear Quickly
  • Break or shatter
  • Slow metal removal
  • Break or shatter
  • Require frequent replacement

Solution: Cronatron's Zirconia Grinding Disks

  • Outperforms silicon carbide and aluminum oxide wheels by 7 to 1
  • Can withstand thermal shock better than any other ceramic material and provides excellent erosion resistance at high operating temperatures
  • Edges stay sharp since new edges are constantly replacing worn edges and are made from sharp, angular, and uniform grains
  • Self-sharpening edges, superior thermal shock, erosion resistance and fewer wheel changes add up to tremendous savings in time and money


  • Zirconia aluminum oxide grain... world's fastest cutting, longest lasting abrasive
  • High cutting rates reduce total cost
  • Smoother running with less bouncing and vibrating
  • Less operator fatigue
  • Less downtime


  • Grinding and feathering welds on stainless steel, armor plate, boiler plate and other industrial grade materials
  • Fast metal removal on stampings, castings, and other components
  • Metal finishing and dressing
  • Welding and pipe cutting operations
  • Metal deburring

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