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Kleentec Kleer-Flo
Aqueous Parts Washers

Kleentec Kleer-Flo KT4000BIO bioremediation aqueous parts washerKleentec Kleer-Flo KT5000BIO bioremediation aqueous parts washerBioremediation Cleaning System
The natural technology of bioremediation can reduce solid waste and virtually eliminate liquid waste

Features: KT4000BIO/KT5000BIO

  • Reducing both solid and liquid waste is cost effective and also minimizes cumbersome regulatory compliance and reporting.
  • During the parts cleaning process, living microbes, which are stored in the solution, are released when water is added to the solution.
  • These safe hydro-carbon converting microbes actually cleanse the liquid of organic impurities by converting them to carbon dioxide and water.
  • These two cleaning systems also include filter systems to remove particles.
  • Comes complete with aerator pump to sustain the life of the microbes.
  • Use KLEENTEC KT675 microbe eliminator solvent only.
  • Use bio-tablets KT5333 upon setup of machine and every time machine is serviced (4-8 weeks). The KT5333 bio tabs provide continuous release of microbes, increases solution efficiency and neutralizes malodory.

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