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Kleentec Kleer-Flo
SEP-R-ATOR Solvent Reclaimer

Kleentec Kleer-Flo solvant reclaimer Recycle Dirty Parts Washer Solvent Yourself

It is Not a Still!
Kleer-Flo has been engineering parts washers and formulating solvents for more than six decades. And now that technology has produced an effective alternative to the problem of solvent disposal by allowing you to use your parts washing solvent indefinitely.

Kleer-Flo's SEP-R-ATOR eliminates the need for contracting with outside rental services and ends the worry over EPA regulations. In short, SEP-R-ATOR recycles parts washing solvent. Solvent does not wear out, it gets dirty. So, instead of throwing money away, you can save money and increase profits.

SEP-R-ATOR is not a still. It uses a unique high technology process* to restore solvent to like-new purity at a rate in excess of 10 GPH (Gallons per Hour). It is simple and safe requiring only a 110V outlet and ordinary tap water supply. No need for explosion-proof environment or special wiring. No worries about hot vapors or heating and cooling cycles.

Most important, SEP-R-ATOR gives you 100% control over yours parts cleaning operation. You're no longer dependent on outside suppliers or contact service groups.

1. Plug it in

2. Pour in dirty solvent

3. Push "Start" button

Kleentec Kleer-Flo solvent reclaimer

Above photographs are actual samples of new, used, and recycled solvents

Models S430 S860
Overall Machine:
Length 29" 61"
Width 33" 44"
Height 37" 53"
Tank Capacities (Maximum):
Dirty Solvent Reservoir 30 gallons 60 gallons
Recycled Solvent Reservoir Aux. Container Required 60 gallons
Gallons per hour cleaned: 5* 10*
Electrical Requirements:
Voltage 110V 110V
  (220V available)  
Phase single single
Motor Horsepower 3/4 1
Water Connections 3/4" 3/4"
Residue Drain Height above floor 11" 14.5"
Recycled solvent drain height above floor N/A 31"
Weight 390 lbs. 745 lbs.
*Output rates depend on solvent. You can contract for monthly service and pay forever, or you can recycle your own parts washer solvent...
  • Save money
  • Get plug-it-in simplicity
  • High-tech process, not high-temp distillation


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