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Kleentec Kleer-Flo
Ultrasonic Parts Washer

Kleentec Kleerflo High Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner High Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner

Operating Theory:

High frequency sound waves introduced into the cleaning fluid produce a physical effect known as ultrasonic cavitation. Cavitation is the formation and immediate collapse and subsequent implosion of microscopic bubbles in the fluid which gently remove the grease and oil contaminates.

  1. 600 Watt generator
  2. 25/45 Hz crossfire hermetically sealed stainless steel submersible transducer
  3. Several transducers per submersible pack
  4. 10-15 peak watts per gallon
  5. Radio frequency shielded cable connecting transducers to generator to prevent interference with other devices
  6. programmable digital temperature controller with large digits
  7. Maximum temperature of 165 degrees
  8. Cleaning chamber size width 22, length 18, depth 14
  9. Tank capacity of 20 gallons
  10. 110V Generator and heating power
  11. 750 Watts of heating power
  12. 60 minute timer
  13. Best operating temperature is 120 to 140 degrees
  14. KleenTec transducers are made of ceramic crystals rather than electromagnets which run only at 50%-60% efficiency


  1. Never run the ultrasonic in the absence of fluid you will permanently damage the ultrasonic transducers thus voiding warranty

  2. Never ruin the system above 165 degrees, higher temperatures may permanently damage the ultrasonic system by depolarizing the transducers.

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