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"Innovative Technical Hoses"

Masterduct provides a complete line of technical hoses to meet your every need.  Whether you require hoses for moving plastics or dealing with hazardous exhaust, Masterduct has your bases covered.

Masterduct material handling hosesMaterial Handling Hoses:
MASTER-PUR bulk material handling and transport hose is made from extremely abrasion-resistant polyester polyurethane.  Integral spring steel spiral offers grounding wire.  Ideal for conveying powders, pellets, minerals, plastics, woodworking, foods and dust collection

Masterduct ventilation hosesVentilation Hoses:
MASTER-CLIP ventilation hoses are very light weight, flexible, and economical solutions for moderate temperatures of air in numerous working environments.


Masterduct exhaust gas hosesExhaust Gas Hoses:
MASTER-CLIP exhaust hoses are specially designed with unique fabrics to provide efficient, lightweight and flexible methods of extraction of engine fumes and high temperatures.

Masterduct chemical hosesChemical Hoses:
MASTER-CLIP chemical hoses comprise of a wide range of fabrics to allow for the extraction of over 500 types of chemical fumes.

Electrically Conductive Hoses:Masterduct electrically conductive hoses
MASTER-PUR and MASTER-CLIP electrically conductive hoses allow electrical charges to transfer or dissipate through special additives in the hose wall.

Masterduct medium and high temperature hoses Medium and High Temperature Hoses:
MASTER-CLIP temperature hoses offer a unique range of fabrics to provide solutions for temperatures for 260 F to 2020 F.

Masterduct thermo and insulating hosesThermo and Insulating Hoses:
With a wide variety of fabrics and unique properties, Master-CLIP Thermo and Insulating Hoses can be constructed for a multitude of applications.

Masterduct Accessories
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