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Nederman NOM 4 Oil Mist Filter


Developed with CNC machines in mind, the NOM 4 oil mist filter is a unit that gives you the flexibility to easily install it in the cabinet or on top of the machine. Boasting a filtration efficiency of >99.97% with a HEPA filter, these units are ideal for emulsions and neat oil. The NOM 4 also features a self-draining function and return drainage pipe, allowing oil to be directed to a collection tank or back to the machine.

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Diagram (right)
  1. Contaminated air is drawn into the lower chamber.
  2. The pre-filter separates most of the largest particles and has a self-draining function, and becomes saturated with oil which means the filter can handle large amounts of emulsion. Filtration efficiency: >97.5%
  3. The HEPA filter meets regulatory demands.
  4. Return drainage pipe. The oil is drained back to a collecting take or to the machine.
  5. Integrated fan.
  • Drip Collector
  • Machinery stand with included damper
  • Wall bracket
  • Pressure gauge kit
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