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Joest Navco
"Electromechanical Vibrators"

Joest Navco Solids HandlingTwo established names in the Solids Material Handling industry combine to make available to the North American Market a premium quality electromechanical vibrator, and the expertise to solve the most difficult of applications.

Used in industry both as a flow aid and a drive mechanism, the Joest / Navco electromechanical vibrator offers many inherent advantages in both design and manufacture...

The Joest / Navco electromechanical vibrator is designed specifically for use as an eccentric weight vibratory motor.  The design incorporates a heavy winding, adds a beefed up and oversized shaft prevent shaft deflection

common with typical construction practices, and suspends this rotor assembly between special heavy duty roller beatings.  The end result is a premium quality electromechanical vibrator ready for the most rugged of applications.Joest Navco Solids Handling

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JOEST/NAVCO Electromechanical Vibrator Diagram

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