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"Vibratory Equipment for all Bulk Solids Needs"

Navco has been solving bulk material flow problems using pneumatic piston vibrators since 1955.   Navco's extensive line of products will cover all flow material needs.   However their product line is quite extensive, too extensive to go into on this web page, so we have included the Navco Catalogue Order Form online.  Also for all questions or concerns involving Navco products please feel free to Contact Us.

Navco Standard Products

Bin Hopper (BH) Vibrators for Bulk Material Handling These vibrators are designed to provide you with consistent performance and the right amount of power, as well as functionality of mounting to solve any bulk flow need.

Pneumatic Vibrating Equipment for the Foundry Industry This line of top quality pneumatic vibrators are designed to provide the user with a much more efficient foundry.  No matter what the application these are designed to eliminate any and all flow problems.

Pneumatic Vibrators for Railcar and other Portable uses If portable is what you need then look no further than Navco's pneumatic vibrators for railcar and other portable uses.   These vibrators are designed to be a non-permanent mount they can be moved from hopper car to hopper car with ease.

Joest / Navco Electromechanical Vibrators for Industrial Applications This is a line of extremely high quality electromechanical vibrators built by the two industry leaders in solids and handling.  They are marketed exclusively to the United States and Canada.  The 47 models of vibrator deliver 150 to 27,000 pounds of centrifugal force.


Permanently Mounted Air Vibrators for the Trucking Industry These permanently mounted air vibrators are designed to be mounted to the underside of a truck.  They provide the user with faster unloading, more complete removal, increased safety, extended machinery life, ease in spreading.


Vibrators for Coal Bunker Systems This line provides efficient unloading of material without leaving large amounts of material in the bunker, allowing more material to be carried in the work day increasing efficiency and safety.
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