Biodegradable       Non-Comustible       Non-Flammable       Non-toxic       Non-Corrosive

Storm Ultra mild alkaline cabinet wash solution is a high performance spray wash detergent system designed to be effective in cleaning without leaving a chalky residue and will not foam over 125° - 150°F. Storm Ultra is safe on aluminum and contains corrosion inhibitors to protect your parts.

Storm Ultra Mild Alkaline Cabinet Wash is successfully used in the following industries:

Aerospace/Aviation  Fleet Management  Construction
Municipal Services  Health Care/ Nursing Home  Janitorial
Restaurant & Hospitality  Nuclear Power  Printing
Warehouse/Material Handling  Performance Racing  Pulp & Paper
Automotive Manufacturing & Repair  Electronics  Railroad
Agriculture & Farming  Forestry & Timber  Mining
Schools, Colleges & Universities  Transportation  Marine
Food Manufacturing/Processing  Oil & Lubricants  Utilities

Designed for use in hot spray pressure cabinet systems, conveyor type washers and immersion cleaning equipment. Can be used in manual pressure wash applications. Operate equipment according to manufacturer's instructions.