Water Works Xtreme


Biodegradable       Non-Comustible       Non-Flammable       Non-toxic       Non-Corrosive

Why use mineral spirits or harsh caustics and hazardous chemicals when you can use the power of water? Xtreme provides you with a technology that is safer for the worker, the environment, and the materials being cleaned. Whether you're cleaing a frac tank, a well head, or sucker rod, Water Works Xtreme can get the job done.

Application Dilution (water to Xtreme)
Spray and Wipe Full Strength
Parts Washing Full to 3:1
Frac Tank cleaning Full Strength
Pressure Washing Full to 30:1

Water Works XTREME Concentrate cleans effectively in the following applications:

Frac Tank cleaning, Refinery Turnarounds, Oil Spill cleanup, Pump shop maintenance, Sucker Rod cleaning, Well Head washing, Pump Jacks, Pad Washing, Pressure Washing, Parts Washing